KanTime simplifies every aspect of your agency from start to finish. From patient integration to scheduling, billing and payment, our solutions allow you to do what you do best: provide quality care to your patients.


KanTime works consistently on any point-of-service device, whether iOS, Android or Windows, online and offline. In addition, KanTime Medicare provides robust business analysis tools that enable senior management to review and act on various clinical, financial, and functional KPIs.

Here Are Some Connection Resources

Home Health Planning Software

Reduce communication and errors by delegating scheduling with our advanced Kantime Healthcare home care scheduling software. Our enhanced scheduling portal ensures safer patient care by reducing the liability associated with miscommunication.

Prescription Tracking

Efficiently order, deliver and track a medical order in one centralized system. KanTime Medicare simplifies the way you communicate your claims and adds intelligence to the tracking process.

Management Of Approvals And References

Streamline patient feedback from your referral sources into a centralized referral management system that enables you to make informed, value-based decisions.

Medical Fitness Test

Easily identify complaint issues before work is completed. Our comprehensive medical eligibility verification tools automate manual processes, streamline workflows, and ensure your agency gets paid for the work done.


Insurance Pre-Approval

Manual entry of insurance pre-authorization is one of the biggest workflow challenges for tracking providers. Our system allows administrators to get approvals quickly so patients can be treated sooner.

Medical Billing And Coding

Medical billing and coding is the backbone of healthcare. Make sure you get reimbursed for the services you provide by streaming your agency’s revenue cycle with advanced medical billing software.

Quality Assurance In Service

With the advent of evidence-based and performance-based medicine, your agency needs a system that promotes quality assurance of care and the best possible patient outcomes. Quality matters and KanTime helps deliver.