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In order to provide its patients with easy access to a patient’s medical records, KanTime Medicare created the Login. After logging into Kantime Medicare, patients can also access their benefits, key features, medical records and health information.


Authorized users can access this Kantime patient portal by providing the correct credentials. KanTime’s active monitoring feature tracks your documentation in real-time, giving you complete visibility into your data and ensuring it is secure and up-to-date. KanTime simplifies every aspect of your agency from start to finish. From patient integration to scheduling, billing and payment, our solutions allow you to do what you do best: provide quality care to your patients.

Check Out The App Features

KanTime Ice is an end-to-end point-of-care solution for home care facilities that act as an extension of your practice system, helping your clinicians complete all clinical documentation from anywhere, online or offline.

Yes, this app can greatly improve your organization’s productivity by ensuring that all clinical documentation is filled out correctly the first time. It allows you to work in a remote area where the internet is not available. You can create all your documentation in offline mode and store your data on the device itself and sync your data with the server later when an internet connection is available.



  1. It’s easy to learn and use.
  2. It works in both online and offline modes.
  3. Ensures that your paperwork is done in less time, allowing your doctor to spend more time caring for the patient than doing the paperwork.
  4. One-click data sync option.
  5. Intelligent Validation – Ensures that all documented information is valid information based on your agency’s business rules.
  6. High security.

The app directly links the patient’s insurance verification to providers, speeding up the patient authorization process, said 75% of users who mentioned authorization.